Configuration, Programming, Consulting and Maintenance

On-demand, software as a service (SaaS) solutions like are changing the face of business. Ossia Systems offers a full range of configuration and software development services that allow companies to super-charge their orgs.  If you have seen it on the web, it is possible in  When we have done all we can with “clicks”, the Salesforce Platform gives customers the ability to turn to powerful “code”: Apex, Visualforce and the API’s.  The platform is a powerful, world-class viable cloud platform.  We bring the same software development processes and experience to every platform development project as we would to any enterprise application development project. Registered Consulting PartnerWe also help clients integrate existing systems with via the SFDC web services API. Whether you are seeking strategy, implementation, consulting or development, our services enable you to integrate with your org.  With our help, you’ll see higher user adoption, reduced migration and implementation risk and a more robust sales pipeline.

Why are software as a service (SaaS) apps, such as Salesforce CRM and applications so powerful? Because they allow customers to create online applications, customized to the needs of your organization, without the expense of acquiring and maintaining the IT infrastructure required to run such applications.  No software or IT infrastructure needed. Why does it make sense to bring Ossia Systems on to help with development and implementation?  Because we are certified experts in application development and Salesforce CRM integration.  For customers who need more than a standard configuration, for those customers who need to extend the capabilities of their Salesforce CRM account with custom applications or by integrating internal IT systems with Salesforce CRM, Ossia Systems can help.

Super-Charge your Org

We are certified and fully capable of any customizations possible in and use the power of “clicks” before we “code”.  However, when businesses need more control, we can tap into the immense power gives us via Apex, Visualforce, and the various Salesforce API’s.  We can do what it takes to customize your Salesforce org to reflect your business goals and:

  • Enhance user experience and bring modern UI to even the simplest edit screens
  • Automate data transfer with internal or 3rd party systems
  • Augment functionality within Salesforce CRM
  • Integrate into other applications and processes via systems integration
  • Develop custom applications to streamline any business process you can imagine
  • Link all of this to your users’ mobile devices with Salesforce1

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